End of an era: My tailor is retiring now what?

If you have body-type similar to mine, or maybe you are the type that likes to stretch your dollars by buying quality, used clothing then you probably have a favorite tailor. I recently brought in a couple of old suits that needed repairs to Antoine’s Tailor Shop on Congress Street in Portland. It was quiet Saturday […]

Lost on a trail run, now what?

FullSizeRender (2)

This summer, I decided to incorporate trail running into my exercise routine. Running on the same roads can be boring and with so many trails nearby I figured I’d give it a shot. However, while I was on a recent afternoon trail run, things didn’t go as planned. On the last day of the school […]

How do you say Sorry?

In our hyper-connected society, where what we post online is immediately available for the reading and viewing pleasure of others, I’ve noticed a trend. More people saying they are sorry for what they have posted or reposted. However, while more people are posting “sorry” fewer and fewer are of the genuine, old-fashioned, “I’m sorry, please […]

Food Advice when visiting the Canadian Maritimes

Donair or Not to Donair: That is the Question Recently, my neighbor told me he was going to visit Prince Edward Island (PEI) this summer. This got me reminiscing about our many summer trips to the Canadian Maritimes. So, I sat down on the couch and grabbed the PEI family vacation scrapbook and immediately got the […]