Battle with Deer to Fend off Peach Tree has Begun!

I have been waiting all summer for my fruit trees to produce. This week I could tell it was time to start picking a few peaches.


We picked a few, and they were delicious, nothing like a homegrown peach!


This morning, as I was leaving for my run, there were two deer enjoying the peach tree!


I shooed them away, but the damage was already done.

IMG_1316 IMG_1317

I called a friend, and he suggested some tin pie plates and windchimes.

IMG_1315 IMG_1314

I’m not sure the pie tins and the strips of heat shield tape will work, but a byproduct is increased radio reception of the CBC Radio Show: Vinyl Cafe.

Who’s up for the first 2-hour evening shift?


Phillip Potenziano

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